Stargazing Party Ideas

stargazing party

I love the night sky! I love to find the constellations, watch meteor showers, and learn mind-blowing things about space. Last Friday was Space Exploration day and this Friday there will be a lunar eclipse. What better way to celebrate than by hosting a stargazing party?

I hope to pass my love of space to my son, so we started our star gazing with a little preliminary education for little and big minds alike. For budding astronomers, the ABCs of Space is a great book with progressive learning stages. My latest find is The Universe in Bite-Sized Chunks which is perfect for my busy schedule right now.

space books

We set up a comfy space to watch the stars and enjoy food and drinks.

stargazing party ideas

constellation stemware

For soft lighting in our stargazing set up, I made a constellation paper lantern with a metallic sharpie.

stargazing lantern

moon stars inspiration

We used the guide and star maps mentioned below and were able to see lots of wonders in the night sky as we sprawled out on our stargazing pillow fort.

Here’s some tips on how you can host a stargazing party this summer.

1. Location, Location

There are many ways to host a stargazing party, but when it comes time to watch the night sky, the most important thing to do is pick the right location. Choose a spot that is as free from light pollution and obstruction as possible. If you are in a highly urbanized area, you can always plan a get together out of the city, close to water, or perhaps even a rooftop.

2. Be prepared

Provide your guests with star maps and try to find as many stars as you can in plain sight before using binoculars or telescopes. Spotting satellites and planets, and finding constellations together is fun for everyone.

When you are ready to use a telescope, this is a great beginner set that is easy to transport and comes with an attachment that allows you to take photos and videos with your cell phone.

beginner telescope stargazing party

3. Start with the Big 3

In the summer, there are three bright stars that almost everyone can spot on a clear night. Finding these helps get everyone oriented and is the perfect starting point. Mr. Printables has a FREE star gazing guide and summer constellation map.

summer star map

Here are some other ideas for a space exploration or stargazing party that I am over the moon for!

If you’re looking for stargazing party foods, try making some sparkly space cupcakes. I made simple star-shaped sugar cookies, but if you’re a craftier baker than I, you could attempt this adorable black velvet nebula cake from or these galaxy star cookies from Blyss Cookies.


For space themed parties, this beautiful lantern looks like a little bit of galaxy.

galaxy lantern

This table runner from Design Sponge that is embroidered with constellations and these plates from West Elm would make for a beautiful dinner party before stargazing.

And the full moon martini from is pure genius!

full moon martini

For party favors, you could make this quick constellation gift bags that I made.

stargazing gift bags

Or send your guests home with these galaxy lollipops!

galaxy lollipops

Happy stargazing everyone! Please share your stargazing party pictures and experiences with me. Be sure to check out my Pinterest boards for more ideas too!



Dream Big Party

For my son’s first birthday I wanted a unique theme that I could really great creative with. Because he is a Gemini, I started thinking about air, movement, and all things “flowy”.

Clouds, dreams, and feathers came to mind and I settled on the theme “Dream Big, Little Man”. See how I made the dreamcatchers here and the blessing stones here. I’d love to see your take on this theme. Please share your photos with me 🙂

Feather cookies

Hand-painted feather cookies

Hand crafted toys

Music makers, dancing ribbons, and bubbles for play

Dreamcatcher decor

Huge dreamcatcher

Dreamy tent

A shady play area by the pool

Blessing stones

Blessing stones for party favors

Comfy seating

Low table surrounded by pillows made it easy for parents and little ones to eat

Dream-themed foods

Gold-dipped shortbread, chocolate sugar cookies, and cupcakes

Floating cloud balloons

Helium filled balloon clusters to resemble “clouds”

Cloud balloons

Floating clouds

Dreamcatcher smash cake

Dreamcatcher smash cake

Dream party food table

A delicious assortment of foods that both the parents and kids loved!


Charcuterie with dried fruits and dark chocolate

Charcuterie board

Charcuterie and cheese board

Let's eat!

Let’s eat!

Hand-painted party favors

Hand-painted party favors

Party favors

Thank you to our guests

Let's play!

Music makers, dancing ribbons, and bubbles for play

Handcrafted dancing ribbons

Crafted toys for the kids to play with

Dreamcatcher beads

Dreamcatcher beads

Feather-shaped cookies

Delicious feather-shaped cookies

Dancing ribbons and musical toys

More crafty play things

Poolside play area

Inside the play area

Dream party food spread


Salad and nibbles

Strawberry and goat cheese salad with roasted peas

Dream Big invitations

Afternoon Tea

My girlfriend had been out of state for several months and wanted to host an intimate, relaxed gathering to reconnect with friends after returning home. She loved my suggestion of a playful afternoon tea.

Fresh-baked tea biscuits

Fancy finger sandwiches, savory biscuits, and pastries were served with tea pairings. (Here is the full menu I designed: Tea_Menu).


Flowers in teacups

Ladies afternoon tea

Bubbly Lemonade with Fresh Blackberries

I made soy-based non-toxic candles in an assortment of fancy teacups as party favors for the guests. The teabag-shaped thank you tag was an adorable touch.

Teacup candles

Ladies tea

Floral arrangements