On Trend – Unicorns

It would be impossible to do a trend report this year and NOT talk about unicorns. They are showing up everywhere from Starbucks to decor to beauty products. The trend is characterized by vibrant pastels, shimmering pearly finishes, rainbows, and, of course, lots of glitter!

Unicorn birthday party

Unicorn parties are HUGE right now for birthdays and baby showers. This unicorn birthday party from TheIcedSugarCookie.com is a great example of all the whimsical, soft, and sugary goodness of a unicorn party.

unicorn party foods

Although incredibly sweet,  these unicorn macaroons are way beyond my level of expertise. However, the cupcake and cake toppers here are an incredibly easy way to turn ordinary cakes into magical unicorns.

unicorn cake

unicorn cupcakes

For party favors, these adorable unicorn necklaces are inexpensive and come in gold or silver. If you’re feeling crafty you can make easy unicorn gift bags.

unicorn party favors

unicorn gift bags

And while we’re talking about getting crafty, I posted the easiest tutorial on how to make these adorable unicorn party lanterns here.

Unicorn paper lantern

While it’s perfectly acceptable to go over the top with this theme, I do love the idea of incorporating unicorns in more subtle and sophisticated ways like this lamp from jillianharris.com.

unicorn decor

Another great example is this statement wall from bloglovin.com.

unicorn decor stencil

Even more minimalistic examples are this shirt and framed art.

unicorn shirt

unicorn printable

Finally, if you do host a unicorn party think about including a ‘pin the horn on the unicorn’ game. You can get one here or make your own and let the guests decorate their own horns!

unicorn party games

Don’t forget to connect and show me your unicorn party pics!

Love + lots of glitter,


Incredibly Easy DIY Unicorn Lanterns

I started feeling a little crafty while working on my latest Tuesday Trends article (spoiler alert: it’s unicorns lol). I love good dollar store hacks and these paper lanterns are just that. Not only are they inexpensive, but they only took minutes to make!

All you need is:

  • White or pale colored paper lantern
  • Markers
  • Craft paper
  • Assorted fake flowers

Unicorn party supplies

First, draw some simple lashes on your unicorn.

Unicorn party crafts

Make some unicorn ears and a horn out of craft paper.

unicorn horn

Attach those with a hot glue gun. I glued the horn to the opening of the lantern and made two little folded tabs on the back of the ears to help keep them in place.

Once those are done, add your flowers. Voila!

Unicorn lantern

Simple. Cheap. Quick.

I hope you enjoy your unicorn lanterns!

Love + Whimsy,


DIY Unicorn Party Lantern