Delicious Summer Drinks

Looking for a healthy alternative to all those sugary drinks this summer? These refreshing summer beverages are packed with flavor without all the empty calories and unnecessary additives.

1. Limoonada

If you’re planning on hosting any event this summer, try the following recipe and I promise you will wow your guests. It doesn’t look that fancy, but it sure tastes amazing!

Limoonada recipe

Limoonada is a version of lemonade from the Middle East.┬áThe notable differences are that it is refreshingly less sweet and includes the seductive addition of orange blossom water. (Shhh…this is your secret ingredient!)

Middle East lemonade

I’ve posted the full recipe here.

2. Cucumber-Mint Infused Water

Naturally flavored water is one of my favorite beverages. The combinations are endless and the results are both healthy and packed with flavor.

Cucumber and mint make a crisp water that is thirst-quenching and cooling. It is especially great to pair with spicy grilled dishes.

Add fresh mint and cucumber slices to water and refrigerate for at least an hour.

cucumber mint water

3. Iced Tea with Fruit

Instead of adding a bunch of sugar to your chilled teas, try adding sliced organic fruit and let it sit for at least four hours. You can sweeten with just a little bit of honey if you prefer, but quality tea and organic fruit make ALL the difference.

best iced tea

I’m in love with all the Harney & Sons teas. I made this iced tea with their Blood Orange tea and sweetened it with strawberries and oranges. Get yours here!

delicious iced tea

4. Pineapple-Jalapeno Fizz

Want something a little bubbly and maybe even spicy? Are you doing Taco Tuesday (or in my case, Taco EVERYDAY)?

pineapple fizz

Infuse water with fresh pineapple and jalapeno. I like to add just a touch of rich dark honey to mine and refrigerate it overnight. When you are ready to serve, mix it with sparkling water. It is a perfect non-alcoholic beverage for the summer.

I hope you enjoy! Please share your feedback with me. I love to hear from you!


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